Hearing Hero (Hearing Aid)

This is a first-class hearing aid that amplifies sounds in your environment, so you can have a clear, rich sound experience. This hearing aid can improve your comprehension of speech, sound, and overall listening of your surroundings.

The built-in amplifier balances sound waves to provide brilliant sound quality to your ears. The device is small, sleek, discreet, and fits comfy behind the ear.

Hearing Hero (Hearing Aid)

Hearing Hero (Hearing Aid)

  • Dimensions: 41 x 153 x 104 mm
  • Weight: 300g
  • Each Purchase is for 1 HearingHero (with Right Sound Tube attached). This purchase comes with 6 Silicone Ear Buds, 1 Left Sound Tube, 1 Cleaner Brush, 1 Travel Case and an Instruction Manual

Hearing Hero (Hearing Aid)

  • Choose left or right sound tube
  • Pick your earbud size and attach to sound tube
  • Add battery
  • Adjust settings to your preference
  • Enjoy crisp and clear hearing

Please see our user manual for a more descriptive how to use HearingHero
Hearing Hero Manual

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